Family Ministries

We welcome you to First United Methodist Church of Salem!

Soccer games. Laundry. Lost keys. Swim lessons. Dog park. Leaky faucet. Empty milk carton in the fridge. Piano lessons. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe our lives!

We know that it can be so hard to do it all – but here’s a secret – you don’t have to! Community. Connection. With these two simple words, families can transform from harried and frazzled to peaceful and intentional.

At Salem First UMC, we want to help you face the struggles of modern day life in a loving and Christ-like manner. We believe a family connected to others and in community together will thrive no matter what challenges they face.

Connecting New Families

We are excited you have found some connection to our church, whether it’s through worship, Sunday school or Saturdays of Service. This first connection likely meets a spiritual need – but it’s time to take that relationship deeper. Families need to connect with each other in a relaxed and open way.

  • Raising Up (Fit’s n’ Giggles) – Raising Up is a group with families of young children who meet every Sunday during the school year starting September 22nd at 10:00 a.m. to talk, listen, learn and be in community with each other. We share stories, support each other, and tackle thought provoking topics. Oh, and we have snacks! Come join us! We don’t meet regularly in the summer but do have several special events for families.  Click here to see our Facegroup for upcoming events!

We offer families:

Quality Childcare

Three little girls at Easter

during class times and worship times for children birth through 7 years old, we have highly qualified and screened childcare staff and volunteers ready to welcome and provide a nurturing environment for your
children every Sunday. The childcare opens following Children’s Time during the Micah service (at 8:45)/ Staff bring children over to the activity center in the Sanctuary building (room 206) for gross motor play, stories, snacks, and art opportunities. The Sanctuary building activity center is open the remainder of the morning to drop-off children at any time. Contact the Childcare Coordinator, Christina Gordon at for more information.

Sunday Education for all ages

In addition to fabulous adult classes, we have activities and classes for children ages nursery through 5th grades; and for youth in a 6th through 12th grades during the school year. We take a break for the summer. Contact the Director of Christian Education and Family Ministries, Heather Ingersoll, at

Saturdays of Service

Held on one Saturday a quarter, Saturdays of Service provides an outreach experience with mission activities  for all ages. Children have been invited to join their families in helping at the community gardens, to make toys for the Humane society, and pack lunch bags for children who need some food help for the weekends, when a school meals aren’t available.

Holiday and Annual Events

Holiday and Annual events such as a Family Halloween activity, Children’s Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday worship events, Vacation Bible School and our All Church picnic in August.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the church office at 503-364-6709.

Sustained care and connection

So what if you’ve been here for a while and developed a circle of friends? That doesn’t mean that you don’t need continued care. After all, our families grow and change and challenge us all through the years! We encourage these families to reach out and offer hospitality to those who are still dipping a toe in the water – after all, they’ve been there before. But we also encourage them to ‘go deeper’ in their faith and commitments through:

  • Church retreat or camping opportunities – Our next ‘official’ family retreat will be September 27-29, 2019, but there are other informal camping opportunities throughout the year.
  • Advent Adventures and other seasonal offerings around Thanksgiving and Lent offer a chance for families to come together at critical times in the church year to focus on the season ahead.
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