Church Staff

We welcome contacting any of our church staff! Please use the Contact Us form and we’ll get in touch with you right away.  (Not Pictured: John Ranney, organ emeritus; Brenda Bateman, Co-Director of Rejoice! Kid’s Choir; Amanda Rich, Co-Director of Rejoice! Kid’s Choir.)


Rev. Dan Pitney, Pastor

Dr. Kerry Burtis, Director of Music Ministries

Katie Carpenter, Front Office Manager

Kathy Pressler, Facilities Manager

Judy Allen, Business Administrator

Jenny Pitney, Praise Band Director & CrossFire Youth Band Director

Gary Onstot, Minister of Visitation

Heather Hawkins, Director of Family Ministries

Leta 2

Leta Brewster, Director of Volunteer Ministries



Jeff Lowery, Director of Youth Ministry

Zachary Duell, Organist