Group of people with "Imagine No Malaria" sign

Social Concerns Group

The Social Concerns Ministry Group is a committee of individuals who have concerns for those who have needs in our community. We attempt to keep the congregation focused on serving others by following the example Jesus set for us during his life on Earth. We have four main areas of focus:

  1. We accept donations from our congregation and distribute them to social service organizations.
  2. We plan a weekly Sunday school class called Forum that includes speakers and videos on subjects of social concern.
  3. We collect food and monetary donations for local food banks
  4. We organize an Alternative Christmas Market in early December each year to provide an opportunity for people to give to organizations involved in caring for the disadvantaged. This includes a large room set up with tables staffed by members of local organizations who educate and answer questions about their efforts in the community.

We meet at noon on the second Friday of the each month from September until May. We welcome all who share these interests to join us.

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