Fine Arts


Mission: The Art Committee of the First United Methodist Church is a group of artists and advocates for the arts in the FUMC mission to feed the spiritual, intellectual, relational and physical hungers of people. The committee encourages the work of artists through exhibitions; nurtures the aesthetic imagination in the spiritual life through projects and educational events, and promotes the contribution of the arts in the worship, education, and mission of the congregation and community.

Members: Gary Olsen-Hasek, Don Knepp, Noreen Miller, Marilyn Scahill, Josh Stringer, Chuck Foster, chr.


From the most recent exhibition–FUMC’s Artistic Heritage

art comm june powers

June Powers with her painting “After Kandinsky”

art comm ruth cameron

works by Ruth Cameron




Exhibition History


January 24-April 3, 2016  — Celebration-Renewal-Transformation As part of the celebration of the completion of the renovation of MICAH

April 10-July 3, 2016  — FUMC’s Artistic Heritage


Current Exhibit in MICAH, First United Methodist Church


July 10-September 4

Photographic images by Rebecca Cozart, Mark Bateman,
and Steve Dickey



art comm rebeca cozart



I was given my first camera when I was six and claimed to see color in black and white prints. I bought my first 35mm camera with strawberry picking money.  I did 4-H photography and was selected to attend National 4-H Congress in photography.  I was editor of my high school yearbook based on my photography skills.  “Photographer” is a major portion of my self-identity.

I’m a process person, so perhaps not surprisingly photography for me is about using technical skill to capture an image as close as I can to to the image I see in my mind.  My hope is to change the perspective of the viewer, to see something in a different way. This often happens by manipulating something–the angle, the light, how much of an object is visible.  Great images are the ones that capture something beyond what I’d imagined, that show me a perspective I hadn’t considered.  By using a process of technical skill and a vision of what an image could be, I create the possibility of something I hadn’t previously imagined.  I create the conditions for an epiphany.

art comm mark bateman



Life is a wonderful mosaic of images that express a deep and complex culture that encompasses them. Much can be learned from these images, if one takes the time to ponder what they represent. Whether it is a flower by the roadside, a faded advertisement on an old building, the expression on a face full of emotion, or the stark reality of an alley, these images all have a story.

If you take time, you may have the opportunity to know the real story, or the story may become what the image creates in your own mind.  The images capture a moment in time connecting the viewer and the image to help us think a little more about the world around us.

I have spent most of my life being fascinated with photography, either by appreciating the work of others, or by capturing my own memories of the places I have been, or things I have experienced.  I hope you will find my work intriguing and thought provoking.  Take your time and maybe you will see the story in the picture.

art comm steve dickey